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Monday, September 01
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Deadlytearz playing Remorse

Deadlytearz doing some PvP on Eternal-WoW
nipplor, night elf hunter
Streaming since: August 16, 2014
Last Stream: Now



Druid PVP & PVE
whodaboss, night elf druid
Streaming since: September 26, 2013
Last Stream: 2 days ago


Hpala doing pvp!

Having fun with my hpala. I hope you have some fun whatching this
aloridarthh, blood elf paladin
Streaming since: April 25, 2014
Last Stream: 1 week ago


Nythia's Raids [Redemption]

PvE oriented restoration shaman owning raids from 10n to 25hc with facecam on!
nythia, draenei shaman
Streaming since: May 01, 2014
Last Stream: 13 hours ago


Ophe's livestream

Streaming mainly pvp for fun =) enjoy.
opheliia, night elf druid
Streaming since: March 20, 2014
Last Stream: 23 hours ago


Remorse PVP

Remorse PvP, Bgs & Arenas
nigudziu, undead mage
Streaming since: August 12, 2014
Last Stream: 24 hours ago


Shadowslifer's Livestream (Remorse)

I am a noob italian priest, but at least i try to kill all the server
shadowslifer, human priest
Streaming since: May 25, 2012
Last Stream: 9 hours ago


Misho is now livestreaming on Eternal-Wow Remorse!

Just me, Misho, streaming, so that you guys could enjoy some pvp action !
azrathael, human warrior
Streaming since: August 18, 2014
Last Stream: 4 days ago


Bowless Warrior

PVE end game fury / prot
bowless, human warrior
Streaming since: August 09, 2014
Last Stream: 11 hours ago


Laestri Eternal-WoW

Here you can see full frost shammi in BGs Eternal-WoW
laestri, troll shaman
Streaming since: August 08, 2014
Last Stream: 3 weeks ago


Cuddzz's Livestream!

Farming honor for days on my DK!!
cuddzz, human priest
Streaming since: March 15, 2013
Last Stream: 2 weeks ago


Noedeath[Arena, BattleGrounds, PVE]

Doing 2s, battlegrounds and running ICC and RS
noedeath, human death knight
Streaming since: July 23, 2014
Last Stream: 2 weeks ago



Raiding with good people show and streaming good raids.
bauteil, tauren warrior
Streaming since: April 25, 2014
Last Stream: 5 days ago


Stream of random awesomeness. With your host Alfur

Come watch me as we sit, fight, yell at randoms, and teach. With an Ex-Senior RCT member.
ohshtimwhite, human death knight
Streaming since: August 11, 2014
Last Stream: 12 hours ago


video games

why do i still play this game
remnants, human rogue
Streaming since: July 11, 2013
Last Stream: 15 hours ago
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