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EternalWotLK, Lvl. 801419010454 256


RedemptionWotLK, 10x1419010444 124


RemorseWotLK, 255 Fun1418826532 127


GenesisWotLK, 2x PvE1418942842 43


Apocalypse4.3.4, 7x1418288664 9

Kredenaz, Super Game Master 3 hours ago
Eternal! Mike & Jenny heard rumors about hidden Christmas Gifts! They are causing chaos while searching for it! Stop them at 09:35 ST!
Xaviortemplar, Super Game Master 15 hours ago
Remorse! Master Po is invading Shattrath! Stop him at 9:30 ST!
eventgm5, Super Game Master 22 hours ago
Redemption! Halion and his Lieutenant will destroy Argent Tournament Grounds. Champions, come and kill that twilight destroyer at 15:15 ST!
Surfacingx, Admins 1 day ago
Eternal! Get ready to face the wrath of Dark Illidan! Starting at 8:20 ST
Mickox2, Super Forum Mod 1 day ago
Congratulations to the winners of Guess the image #16 forum event! check them out!

Hello y'all. Happy to say I'm opening up a PTR.

[Remorse Update]

This is for testing balance changes and a lot of bug fixes. Please report any bugs here or to me in-game.

Make sure you are using this patch for US clients: ... 5.mpq?dl=0
For other region clients use: ... s.mpq?dl=0
Make sure to rename the non-us patch to just patch-5.mpq
And clear your cache please.

Stealth no longer breaks when trying to stealth on top of a flare.
Remorseful Gladiator's Barrier is now soulbound.
Generic Totems are now deletable.
Equipping a shield in combat now properly triggers a GCD.
Periodic Leech effects, Devouring Plague, Drain Life, etc, now properly calculate damage when target is low hp.
Fixed display id bugs when Anathema/Benediction is transmogged and the staves are swapped.
Druid Healing Staves now have a damage done reduction effect on them.
Anti-Magic Shell is now prevents the magic debuffs caused by Blast Wave and Blizzard and Frost Breath.
Shadowmeld now properly stops auto attacks and channeled spells.
Tabard with effects are now on equip rather than on use.
NPCs on the leveling roads now respawn in 5 seconds rather than a minute.
Arcane Charges now affect Arcane Missiles correctly.
Fixed Glyph of Ice Lance.
Fixed Envenom damage scaling with stacks of Deadly Poison.
Lay on Hands cannot crit nor scale with spell power now.
Fixed cosmetic bug where players keep the shoot animation after canceling Auto Shot and Shoot.
Fixed mixed up effects on the Badge of Aggressions.
Arena Spectator now shows the amount of time till arena starts when you try and spectate someone.
Fixed meta gems applying in incorrect or non-existant gem slots.

Nitro Boots are now unusable in duels.
Resurrection spells now resurrect players with 20% hp and mana.

Chimera Shot nerfed.
Wild Quiver nerfed.
Black Arrow nerfed.
Serpent Sting nerfed.
Explosive Shot nerfed.

Ravage buffed.
Mangle nerfed.
Rip nerfed.
Rake nerfed.
Pounce buffed.
Scaled Force of Nature.
Redid Eclipse: Lunar Eclipse no longer is a part of the effect. Solar Eclipse no longer has a internal cd.
Buffed the damage it takes to break Entangling Roots.

Haste nerfed.
Fireball buffed.
Frostfire Bolt buffed.
Set bonus changed to to T10.

Penance cannot be cast in Shadowform now.
Glyph of Power Word: Shield and Glyph of Dispel Magic cannot crit now.
Fixed Empowered Renew and Improved Devouring Plague.

Added DK 2h.
Frost Strike nerfed.
Unholy Blight nerfed.
Death Coil nerfed.
Obliterate buffed.
Scourge Strike buffed.
Frost Fever nerfed.
Blood Plague nerfed.
Dancing Rune Weapon fixed and enabled.

Holy: Flash of Light nerfed

Scaled Spriit Wolves.
Enabled and scaled Fire Elemental Totem.
Chain Lightning nerfed.
Lightning Bolt buffed.
Flame Shock nerfed.
Haste added to Enhancement fists.

Backstab nerfed.
Hemorrhage nerfed.
Rupture nerfed.
Garrote nerfed.
Eviserate buffed.
Envenom buffed.

Fast Arena Start Crystals.
Duel Request Announce.
Improved Class Multitrainer.
Tabard Exchanger.
Quivers and Ammo Pouches for Hunters.
Anti Graveyard Camp System for Battlegrounds.
Several exploit fixes.
313 Remorse Update

A new month means new additions to the item store and our top voters of the month will be crowned!

[Vote, New Month]
As November has come to a close we now need to crown the new top voters of that month!

For you that may be new to Eternal or to those who have might not have heard about this 'Top voters' rewards at the end of the month we award the top two voters with various items or VIP Points to say a thank you for supporting us so well over the past month(s). We would like to congratulate the following people for becoming the top three voters of November!


1st - matrix1995 - Northrend Nerubian Mount Reward (Changed to 1500 VIP as requested)

2nd - Malutor - 1000 VIP Point Reward

3rd - andreytaker1- 500 VIP Point Reward

New Trial of the Crusader transmog items have been added to the vote store:

- Aegis of the Coliseum
- Clemency
- Cold Convergence
- Lupine Longstaff
- Twin\'s Pact
- Rod of Imprisoned Souls
- Dirk of the Night Watch
- Blade of the Silver Disciple
- Icefall Blade
- Reckoning
- The Diplomat
- Baelgun's Heavy Crossbow
- Enlightenment
- The Lion's Maw
- Argent Resolve
- Crusader's Glory
- Crusader's Glory
- Vigilant Ward
- Fordragon Blades
- Westfall Saber
- Widebarrel Flintlock
- Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds
- Pauldrons of the Glacial Wilds
- Shoulderguards of the Spirit Walker
- Helm of the Silver Ranger
- Pauldrons of the Spirit Walker
- Pauldrons of the Silver Defender

If you guys have any more suggested items you want to see in the vote store that are from Trial of the Crusader then please say so (Provide wowhead links to the items also)

New Items of the Month has been added, as it's winter I felt everyone is probably looking for some new boots... so here's you're selection!

Eternal Gladiators Treads of Alacrity
Eternal Gladiators Greaves of Triumph
Eternal Gladiators Sabatons of Triumph
Eternal Gladiators Sabatons of Salvation
Eternal Gladiators Sabatons of Dominance
Eternal Gladiators Boots of Triumph
Eternal Gladiators Boots of Salvation
Eternal Gladiators Boots of Dominance
Eternal Gladiators Treads of Salvation
Eternal Gladiators Treads of Dominance
Eternal Gladiators Greaves of Salvation

Treads of Impending Resurrection
Plague Scientist\'s Boots
Necrophotic Greaves
Grinning Skull Greatboots
Frostbitten Fur Boots
Boots of Unnatural Growth
Blood-Soaked Saronite Stompers
Scion's Treads
Treads of Impending Resurrection
Foreshadow Steps
Apocalypse's Advance
Returning Footfalls
Boots of Divided Being
Treads of the Wasteland

Ultimate Warrior Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Scourgelord Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Lightsworn Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Shadowblade Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Lasherweave Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Crimson Acolyte Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Blood Mage Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Dark-Lords Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Blood Hunter Boots of the Demonic Crusade
Frost-Blood Boots of the Demonic Crusade

Celestial Steed
Invincible Reins
Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal
Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger

Cataclysmic Gladiators Warboots of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Greaves of Meditation
Cataclysmic Gladiators Warboots of Cruelty
Cataclysmic Gladiators Greaves of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Sabatons of Meditation
Cataclysmic Gladiators Sabatons of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Sabatons of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Sabatons of Cruelty
Cataclysmic Gladiators Boots of Cruelty
Cataclysmic Gladiators Boots of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Footguards of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Footguards of Meditation
Cataclysmic Gladiators Treads of Alacrity
Cataclysmic Gladiators Treads of Meditation
Cataclysmic Gladiators Treads of Cruelty

[December Special] Loyalty Refund fee fixed at 10%!

In the lead up to the holiday season, we thought a celebratory offer should be put in place for the donators that have supported us over the previous years. Throughout December we have decided to make all loyalty refunds set to a 10% fee, regardless of previous refunds. If you're not sure what a loyalty refund is then let me briefly explain:

A loyalty refund gives donators that meet the requirements (Stated in this wiki page) the chance to refund all the VIP items on their character back into VIP points so they can start a new character, or just buy new gear for their existing characters. This processes is carried out via a Custom VIP Request and usually carries at least a 20% fee which can rise up to a 60% depending on how many times a refund has been carried out on an account. This months offer makes this fee 10% regardless of any previous refunds so you'll be getting 90% of your VIP points back from the gear you have refunded.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer at any time during the following month, please feel free to post a new topic in the Custom VIP Requests forum, were myself, Surfacing or any other donation staff will assist you :)

Thank you to everyone for voting, we really appreciate the support!

Donation Admin Pow
Eternal-WoW Donation Team
9 Vote, New Month

What's your favorite Christmas movie?


Top Voters for December

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Top voters get rewards at the end of each month!
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